Course Information

for Early Childhood Development Department


Emergent Literacy (EDU252)


 This course is designed for undergraduate students interested in (1) language & literacy development, and (2) teaching reading/writing to young English Language Learners. This course will provide a critical examination of how to help children read and write, particularly in ELL contexts. During this course, students will have opportunities to examine a variety of issues related to teaching literacy to young children, including oral/written language development, emergent literacy/biliteracy, reading fluency, reading comprehension, phonics and vocabulary development, early writing acquisition, differentiation of instruction, children’s literature, assessment in early literacy, effective reading/writing strategies, parental involvement, and reading-writing connections. Also, different theories and philosophies regarding children’s language/literacy development will be addressed. Developmentally appropriate practices will be also integrated throughout the course. ?PreReq: EDU 102 and ENG 101. 

Infant and Toddler Guidance and Classroom Management (EDU275)


A study of appropriate infant and toddler classroom procedures, including an overview of development, establishing classroom routines, creating safe and appropriate environments, discovering materials and activities, and teaching and classroom manegement techniques.  The class emphasizes developmental stages, processes, and environmental factors that can affect a child.  This course will develop skills for group or individual care of infants or toddlers (such as individual daily schedules, record keeping, food preparation, age appropriate discipline techniques and activities).  Can serve as an elective in the Early Childhood Pathway and/or degree.  This course may be offered in a distance-learning format, including online and blended.  Students registering for the course when offered at a distance must be able to use the Internet and have access to a computer.

Preschool Guidance and Classroom Management (EDU276)